Consider Using Yellow Colored in Feng Shui Bedroom

Based on interior designers the actual in color this year is yellow. Yellow is a beautiful color to decorate with as it's a very cheerful, happy color whether you use bright shades of citrus lemon or it's paler cousins for example primrose and butter. Although an beneficial and inspirational color less if often more when using yellow as it can certainly overpower a room. I find it best to restrict the use yellow to one feature wall or to accessorize in yellow rather than painting a entire room in yellow colored.

Yellow can be considered a misunderstood color in Feng Shui. Many people think that yellow is a high yang color and should be used to best effect in the south but it is an earth color and should therefore be used in those rooms in the south west and north east along with the center of the home.

Yellow is an beautiful fresh color and so is great to use of in the bedroom. Whit bed linen trimmed with yellow colored, yellow cushions and curtains, vases filled along with yellow flowers just about all make great bedroom accessories and can help you feel both relaxed when you attend bed and rejuvenated and invigorated whenever you wake up.

Yellow is a very creative color and is good to use in children bedroom. To stimulate their creativity hang a yellow mobile or wind chime from the ceiling in their bedroom or a yellow sun catcher at the window so that it catches and scatters the rays of the sun all over the walls.

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