Are You Looking for Western Style Bathroom Decor

Western style bathroom decor means different things to different people. When you suggest it being an interior master bathroom theme, you better make sure you and the bathroom owner are thinking of the exact same ideas. For example, if the bathroom owner was from Asia or raised in an Asian family, then using a porcelain toilet and trappings could be considered western bathroom decor, because that's what bathrooms in the western world look like.

When lots of North Americans hear what western style bathroom decor, they think about cowboy kitsch. Included in this are such wince producing items as bucking bronco shower curtains, real horseshoes imbedded in the floor, a brass spittoon along with a saddle shaped toilet. But more and more interior designers and manufactures of bathroom fixtures mean a lot more than that.

Modern western style bathroom decor is more subtle, using earth tones and putting an emphasis on a look of wood or stone over marble or even tile. The wood or stone may not even be actual wood or stone, but just something that looks just like the real thing. It depends how much you are prepared to spend, and exactly how water resistant the materials is.

Added decorations for western style bathroom decor include images of native bird or even animal life from the American West, Native American designs on the trimming or the hat rack similar to those from Wild West saloons. There still is actually some cowboy kitsch for people who are fond from it, such as boot shaped toothbrush holders and cactus shaped cleaning soap dispensers.

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