Transform Your Patio Garden

A patio could be a wonderful place to relax during the warm days of spring, summer and autumn; or all year if you live in warmer climes.

Here are just a few thoughts to build in at the design stage, so your patio garden can be more than only a flat area of paving slabs.

Color scheme for the patio. When planning a new patio it is best to consider the color scheme beyond just the color of the paving slabs. If you want a patio garden, then you'll need containers to grow plants in.

Make sure that you can obtain containers or planters which blend well with the color of the slabs. Natural gray stone, on another hand, is easier to find suitable planters for, and can have a much more natural appearance in the garden.

Consider your view and surrounding garden. It is better not to designs the patio in isolation, but consider it with the view you would probably to see. Which means that the positioning is especially important.

By using a mix of the above features, you can create a patio garden that will be a pleasing and impressive feature of your garden overall, and also a great place to relax on those balmy sunny days.

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