Several Style Ideas For Your Living Room

Here are different design styles for living rooms to consider for your home.

Cottage Design Style

A cottage design style for the living room has lots of color with graceful patterns and lines. Incorporate such colors as cream, pink, light green and light blue into your decor.

Modern Design Style

A modern style for a living room offers neutral colors and elements with a few pops of color and design in some places.

Some people who opt for a modern design for the living room keep the colors monochromatic and then may just have a splash of white to split up the color.

Eclectic Design Style

An eclectic style incorporates a number of different design styles into one room. For example you might have furniture that looks like it could be from a cottage style room but your walls seem to be more modern.

Romantic Design Style

A romantic style living area is decorated in light and airy materials. Expect to have lots of white, cream, metallic, and other pastel colors utilized in the decor.

Whatever design style you select for your living room you should consider that it matches what you want from the room.

Remember to select a design style that you could live with and won't have to change after a few months.

Rustic Cottage Living Room Style Several Style Ideas For Your Living RoomRomantic Design Living Room Several Style Ideas For Your Living RoomModern Style Living Room Several Style Ideas For Your Living Room

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