Selecting the Best Bedroom Mirror with Knowing the Type

Usually, when purchasing a bedroom, a matching mirror either comes with the dresser or is available separately. However, for whatever reason you decided not to select the matching mirror with your dresser at that time. Mirrors most popular to decorate a bedroom can be divided into four general type such as the dressing mirror, the cheval mirror, the single mirror and the tri-fold mirror.

The dressing mirror is full length and it is usually attached straight to the wall, the back of a door or the inside of a cabinet door. A popular way to displaying a dressing mirror is to simply lean it from the wall. Like the actual dressing mirror, the entire length cheval mirror, allows you to look for their appearance from head to toe. However, cheval mirrors are freestanding, fastened with hinges to a frame, allowing the user to rotate or even angle the mirror for a better view.

The single mirror is usually attached to the dresser or mounted on the wall above the dresser. When purchasing a mirror especially for a dresser or chest of drawers, make sure that it's in scale, meaning that the shape of the mirror will be in proportion to the size of the dresser. The same principle will also apply if you choose to hang a mirror on the nightstand or the headboard.

The tri fold mirror, also known like a tri view or three-fold mirror, has three sections two are flexible, one fixed. When selecting a mirror for your bedroom or when adding them the room, don't overlook the other uses the mirror has. Mirrors really are a great decorating device. Not only will they create a small room seem larger, they can also compensate for lacks in windows and the lack of natural light.

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