How to Get Sea Theme Inspirations for Your Bathroom

Starting your project without the right kind of idea will make you disliking your new bath. Here are good ideas how to get inspiration for your bathroom from the sea.

Draw inspiration in the tropics. Search the web for pictures of coral lagoons or even tropical islands. Start the make over by choosing a tropical color to start with it. Decorate the space with accessories colored in colors associated with to the coral reefs. You need to use black and white showers and shower curtains in the same color as the center of the walls.

Flooring of the bathroom inspiration can be selected from many choices. The colors you might choose for yours under the sea themed bathroom can vary. Blue-greenish tiles in darker shades to represent the bottom of the heavy see are great choice.

Use window screening on bathroom windows. This will prevent people from seeing you on the outside, but will still allow the sun rays to enter. If you prefer to enhance the under the sea feeling, use screening that will change the tone of the rays into bluish shine.

Paint shelves or cabinets in your bathroom in the same sea-themed colors. You can further decorate through placing sea shells or little rocks wherever you prefer. Adding photos of the sea or ocean beaches will also correspond with the original inspiration.

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