Putting Mirrors in the Feng Shui Bedroom are Bad or Not?

Are mirrors in the bedroom bad Feng Shui? This is one of the more common question I get asked when talking about Feng Shui. The short answer to this question isn't any as in reality there is nothing bad Feng Shui. The objective of Feng Shui would be to achieve balance in your environment which means that your personal space is harmonised and positive energy flows. This natural and harmonised flow of energy will then allow you to attract what you wish to your life. Placing any item in your home won't have a major detrimental effect on the energy and then the Feng Shui in your home, providing of course that you ensure that balance is maintained.

So if mirrors in the bedroom are not bad Feng Shui why do so many Feng Shui experts, myself included, try to discourage people through putting mirrors in the bedroom? The simple cause is that decorative mirrors reflect light which speeds up the flow of energy in your bedroom. In some areas of your home it may be good for speed up the flow of energy but fast flowing energy isn't something that want in the bedroom, this most peaceful of spaces in your home. The bedroom is actually where you go to rest, to sleep, to recharge your batteries after a busy day. You do not want energy pinging and zinging everywhere disturbing your sleep. Ideally the placement mirrors in a bedroom will be avoided, not because it's bad Feng Shui but just to ensure that you don't suffer poor sleeping patterns.

But practically, and yes we should look practically at the interior decor for your home is primarily a living space, is it realistic to have a bedroom without the mirror? Many people, and I include myself with this, like to check the look of them before they face the world. In our home we're fortunate to have a bathroom right next door to our bedroom so we make use this to check the appearance but often people want or need a mirror in their own bedroom. And if people want a mirror in their bedroom the lack of one is likely to cause emotions of irritation and frustration. Yes you might get a restful nights sleep but should you start each day time feeling grouchy because there isn't any mirror to hand then your calm and restful energy isn't doing them a great deal of good.

Large Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror Decor Putting Mirrors in the Feng Shui Bedroom are Bad or Not?Good Feng Shui Bedroom Mirror Decoration Putting Mirrors in the Feng Shui Bedroom are Bad or Not?Feng Shui Picture Bedroom Mirror Putting Mirrors in the Feng Shui Bedroom are Bad or Not?

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