Popular Teak Furniture for Your Bathroom Interior Design

Teak is a hardwood that grows in tropical countries like Indonesia and Thailand. This wood is popular because of its durability that endures for ten until twenty years minimum and it is easy to support. It even resists bad weather. In addition, it is a unique wood since it can not be destroyed by termites. It has some kind of oil and moisture giving protection against the insects. Since teak wood is very durable, it becomes a popular material for making wooden furniture. There are other types of woods like Walnut, Mahogany, Rosewood and Pine but teak continues to be more preferable to make wooden furniture. Unfortunately, it is very expensive because of the low supply.

Teak can be used for any furniture for the bathroom. You can choose cabinets or shelves systems that are made by teak wood. For those who have a large bathroom, you can have a teak bench. This bench will function as a platform in order to shave your legs or to relax. For smaller bathroom, corner formats are available. Using a teak bathtub can also be a unique way to enhance the interior design.

Your bathroom interior will look complete with the accessories. There are various teak bathroom accessories for example soap dishes, shower mats, toilet storage holders or toothbrush cases. You can mix teak furniture and accessories inside your bathroom but don't make it to be overload. It is good ideas to have several pieces of teak furniture with some accessories to prevent the overload look. Besides, items made from this wood are expensive. You had much better add few accessories if you do not want to break your budget for your bathroom interior design.

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