Plan Your Outdoor Kitchen Layout

Since the summer months quickly approach, many people are heading outdoor in order to grill. Many grilling enthusiasts choose to take things one step further and create their very own outdoor kitchen. Having an outdoor kitchen makes grilling out more convenient and can add lots of value to your home if you create a thoughtful layout that follows the rules of FFCC Function, Flow, Convenience and Comfort.

The first thing you must do when planning the layout for the outdoor kitchen is to find the perfect location. Since outdoor kitchens in many cases are used for large outdoor gatherings, it is best to choose a location that's private, has lots of shade, and is far enough in the home to avoid the spread of smoke, fire or strong odors into your home. The placement should take other nearby features into consideration. For example, if you have a pool or outdoor dining area you may want your outdoor kitchen to become a certain distance from these features, based on how you plan to use them collectively.

It may help to plan your outdoor kitchen should you separate the area into zones. There should be an Entertainment Zone, Serving Zone, Preparation Zone and Cooking Zone. Each zone should to be in an purchase and proximity one to the other that makes sense for the space. Keeping FFCC in mind can help you figure out where to place each zone. You want the area to flow nicely, function efficiently, be convenient for both cook and the guests and become a comfortable place for everybody to hang out.

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