Making a Patio Waterfalls Design

If you want the look of patio waterfalls but find that the ready made ones are too expensive for your budget, you can easily make one of these simple garden features yourself.

You can design your patio waterfalls in whatever shape and size you want to create an emphatic statement, but the main factor you need to take into thing to consider is how high you want this patio waterfall to become.

You can choose to have the water spill dramatically in the rocks in the actual patio waterfalls you create or you might want to just have water flow gently. Bluestone and thick slabs of fieldstone create a great effect in patio waterfalls.

Once you choose the overall height of the patio waterfall, then you can use some mathematical skill to determine how high each one of the levels should be. You can also mix larger rocks in with smaller sizes, such as pebbles and beach rocks.

Making your patio waterfalls does involve lots of work. Before you start take into account the time you'll have to spend on this project and look for the cost from the supplies you will have to purchase.

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