Making Breakfast Nook in the Kitchen Design

The actual breakfast nook is a small room of the kitchen where home owners usually put the breakfast table and chairs so they have a place to eat most their meals instead of use a formal dining room. While technically it's a separate room, most designers and homeowners try to make the kitchen nook seem more like an extension of the kitchen rather than separate room.

In Addition, you can make the breakfast nook an extension of your kitchen storage space. A breakfast nook with storage can be used for small appliances that you might not need every day, but that you want easy access to when you want them.

Another way to unify these rooms is by color schemes and styles. If you've got a country themed kitchen with wooden cabinets and colorful drapes, then it wouldn't make much sense to have a glass modern table in your breakfast nook.

Lastly, if your kitchen and breakfast nook are separated by any kind of barrier, then you might like to consider getting ride it. For example, some breakfast nooks are separated from the kitchen by the half wall or perhaps a full wall with a doorway. If you've got a different flooring surface in the breakfast nook than in the kitchen, that means you consider them different room. Continue your kitchen flooring to the breakfast nook in order that it seems more like one room.

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