Living Room in Stylish Green Gray Model

There isn't any single fixed or standardized design of house interior. All the beautiful art is coming from our preferences. I believe that the green gray style would be the best living room decor design.

Begin with painting the wall by using two different colors for 4 sides. Paint one side of wall using green mild color as well as its opposite. After that, do the same step for that rest sides of wall.

You may attach the hardwood flooring for the living room. You can look for various type of hardwood as nicely. I suggest you to pick the tough hardwood. The reason is because you need to put on the fluffy wide mat in the center of your living room.

Then, find the green tea color sofa that looks great if being installed inside your living room. Just make the mixture of green sofa and grey pillow as well.

After finishing the furniture, you should make a fancy white chandelier to be attached on the living room. In each corner of room, put a pot of small palm tree to enhance the green nuance inside.

So, by taking a look at this model, I believe that you could have a stunning and comfortable living room. A living room decor is an art that needs to be find out.

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