Consider to Installing Slate Tiles in the Bathroom

Any homeowner considering remodeling or installing a new bathroom will be faced with the dilemma which type of tile to use of. Both a beautiful and practical choice for any bathroom would be slate tiles. Using slate in bathroom has grown in popularity for a numbers of reasons but first of all is the practicality that comes with installing slate tiles.

They're durable and slip resistant, making them a natural choice for the bathroom but also, they are a natural stone that is available in many colors. Because slate is a natural stone and not mass produced, each one is unique and not the same as the other including character to any kind of bathroom into that they are installed.

The selection of the proper tile will even vary based on where in the bathroom it will be placed, tiles in the shower shouldn't be the same tile used in bathroom that are only two fixtures. Make sure to call in a professional to have the job done properly, insuring it can last for a years. Some points to consider though is that slate tiles often show fine cracks over time, but this can also add character to the stone in your bathroom.

They also should be sealed properly as they are a porous tile and will absorb water from bathroom use and may cause fading over time. The choice of using slate tiles is a excellent one and one that your family will enjoy and your guests will wonder at their beauty and your taste.

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