Installation Travertine Tiles for Your Bathroom

Wet areas like bathroom need tiles that can withstand the flow of water and still stay in great shape. Travertine bathroom tiles are one particular option with great convenience of water resistance. They're great for recently constructed homes or even renovation required bathroom. They are available in many varieties based on the color and pattern of veining. Color options are many which including light shades like as cream and beige and dark shades like as reds and browns. These can be used to create mosaic patterns in high end and modern home. It is a popular trend to enhance the bathrooms having a distinct theme. The foor and the walls are now being tiled with various coordinated colors and patterns. Travertine is an excellent material you can use in extensive designing to create beautiful and elegant bathroom.

Travertine is a natural stone available in the beds of hot springs. They're variants of limestone and also have similar properties. The surface of those is porous and therefore a sealant must be applied to slow up the porous nature after installation in the bathroom. They are available in many textures like the honed and polished ones that are good for the actual indoors. The surface is amazing and it is not slippery. These stones are well suited for bathrooms and additional wet areas.

Installation of travertine bathroom tiles is definitely an easy process. They can be set on any kind of sub floor area. Professional installers can lay them perfectly in the bathrooms. These rooms require good slope on the floor and need to be installed without any kind of gaps. The professional companies are experienced such work and they are able to do the greatest job. Travertine tiles can be used on the walls from the bathroom too. They're light and could be installed easily about the walls. They could be installed in numerous combinations of colors and patterns.

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