Great Selection of Patio Designs

When it comes to designing your patio you'll be faced with many different choices. You will have to decide on the size, the pattern and also the layout of the patio tiles.

Let's just take a few minutes to think about patio designs and some of the choices you might have.


Size matters but bigger isn't always better. If you have a small garden and a massive patio it could make things look out of proportion, you need lots of green space to remind you that you're outdoors.

To cover or not to Cover

Whereas traditional patios simply describes a paved area, if you really want to be able to make good use of the area then you have to think about some kind of shade to safeguard you from the strength of the sun.

The Pattern

You may be the sort of person who likes everything to be uniform and in straight lines or you might be a bit more haphazard in your approach and like things which are a bit more random.

Take a look at all available patio designs before you make a decision. You will be surprised at the great selection there is to select from.

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