Designing Your Master Bedroom into Victorian Style

The actual Victorian style master bedroom happens to be a dream become a reality. Exuding femininity, the Victorian era lasted a lot more than 70 years, in the 1830s to 1900. One of many reasons for it's popularity was it's romanticism. The master bedroom from the Victorian era had been very romantic. The fabrics were frilly and lacy. The woods were dark and ornate and also the room was full of memories, collectibles and knick knacks of friends, family and distant places.

When designing your master bedroom Victorian, you need to start with the furniture. The bed ought to be made of throw iron or metal. If you had been very Victorian, your beds will be twins, but there are queens and kings which are in the Victorian style. The bedding must be elaborate, with plenty of flounces and trims. It's tough to debate the top when it comes to ornate and elaborate with regards to Victorian bedding.

All of those other furniture should end up being highly turned wooden, bamboo or wicker, which were just about all in favor at that time. The woods tended to become darker, such as maple, though oak is effective too if you want to add a little "brightness" to the room. You can highlight these with metal hardware and doilies on top. An armorer is a excellent choice, since these were used as a closet in several Victorian rooms. If you do not need the additional closet space, convert it in to an entertainment middle and bring a bit of the modern world to the bedroom.

A large mirror is important for the Victorian look. A floor length mirror in a corner is perfect, but you can also go with the makeup mirror over the dresser or perhaps a large mirror about the door.

The Victorian period loved the appearance of oriental artwork and styles. Straw mats, hooked rugs or oriental rugs made perfect floor coverings. The love of china extends to walls coverings. Oriental tapestries had been highly popular within the Victorian era and it's not hard to find them currently available.

Oriental Rugs for Victorian Master Bedroom Decor Designing Your Master Bedroom into Victorian StyleNice Victorian Master Bedroom Furniture Designing Your Master Bedroom into Victorian StyleGreat Victorian Master Bedroom Artwork Designing Your Master Bedroom into Victorian Style

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