Designing Contemporary Home Office Furniture Ideas

Any kind of old chair won't do comfort and support are important if you intend to spend a lot of time at your own desk. It's difficult to beat the well designed office chair with height adjustment and swivel systems, but if you've got a favorite chair you need to use, make sure it's lumbar support to safeguard your back, and add the cushion or two if you need extra comfort and height.

Efficient lighting is important to prevent eyestrain. Tempting as it might be to work in front of a window, it's not the best place for a computer screen. See if an L shape setup is a possibility, so the computer is against the wall and you will turn to face the window whenever writing or while using phone. You will almost need extra task lighting after night to give clear light in the desk without shadows. The light provided by a desk lamp could be too bright or low. Consider an adjustable lamp, or fix spotlights or even halogen lights to the wall or the shelf instead.

Consider the position of electrical sockets and telephone points, and have more fitted if required. Assess the ventilation, too, since lots of electrical equipment in use can cause the buildup of heat. Although glass topped tables are attractive, non reflective work surfaces are best if you are using with a computer. Make sure the actual desk or table is high enough for you should work at without having bending.

Your eyes should to be level with the best half of the screen when you're sitting at your own desk, so alter your chair to match. A footrest can help you sit correctly. The screen may require elevation too. A slatted or even translucent blind is the best window covering for shading the screen from glare.

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