How to Decorating Your Bathroom with Nautical Theme Accessories

Nautical bathroom decor is the easiest and cheapest theme available for a complete bathroom makeover. It is about minimalism and moderate colors that vary hardly any across elements.The color scheme, of course, is that of the typical beach. These types of colors include light blue, cream, sand, and white clean. If you like you can also include green and driftwood to add some more color. A soft tone of sand or even white wash should to be used for the actual wall colors if you're going for the typical beach feel. If you'd like to have the richer, cozier feel, choose a gold sandy color that can represent a warm night time beach scene.

The simplest part of this particular whole process is actually accessorizing your nautical bathroom. This can be made even easier if you live near a beach which allows for collection of items. Some municipalities have outlawed removing things in the beach so make sure it is acceptable before you decide to beach comb. Rocks, shells, sand, drift wooden, and other found objects can be crafted into cleaning soap dishes, baskets, and picture frames. Additionally there is the possibility of creating art with the actual found objects.

The best thing about this theme is how the accessories don't necessarily have to match. The beach theme is about being airy and random. Shower curtains and towels will do in simple white or cream. Baskets and furniture should to be wicker, white cleaned wood, or weathered wooden. Weathered wood brings a richer feel to the room with it is darker color.

One forgotten about element that's important in this particular theme is using plants. Flowers and grasses grow in the edges of beaches constantly. A great option to brighten the room is a blossom in yellow plus some very leafy greens and grasses themselves. The most important thing to remember is simple and minimal. A great final touch to give the room a warmer feel is the inclusion of candles.

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