How to Decorate Teen Bedroom with Bookshelves Ideas

Help your teenager transform bookshelves right into a decorative accent that highlights her love for music, friends, culture or nature. You and your teen can create a theme around the shelves or choose specific decor accents that represent her character, favorite color or even hobby. Create bookshelves that stand out in the room or decorative walls shelves that blend with the overall theme of the room.

Many teenagers love photos, and they can use a favorite pictures to create decorative displays on the bookshelves. Photos with hand painted or even decorated frames can go on these shelves. Use bookends to maintain books in place, so you can place decor accessories anywhere on the shelves.

For the nature inspired look, decorate your teen’s bookshelves using real or silk flowers, vines and potted plants. You can potted orchids, daisies or your own teen’s favorite plants close to the top shelf or directly on top of a medium sized bookcase. To create decorative wall shelves, place real potted vines on the top shelf and allow it to trail down on the wall shelves below.

Themed bookshelves can match the overall theme of the room or stand out by themselves. If your teenager loves birds, paint her case in a bright macaw blue with pictures of tropical birds. In case your teen loves sports activities, choose for ornamental wall shelves painted to complement the team colors and adorned with soccer, football or even basketball decal stickers.

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