Decorate Your Bedroom with a Wooden Letters

Wooden wall letters is a very popular way to decorate a bedroom. There are number ways for you to decorate using wooden letters regardless of the age. You can save lots of money by buying unfinished wooden letters and painting them your self. You will also be painting them the exact way you want them, no one knows your taste better than you. In this article I will give you some different tips to decorate your bedroom using unfinished wooden letters.

For a baby's nursery it's very common to decorate while using baby's name. Light pastel colors are very cute for a baby room. Try alternating each letter in a different color for any new look. You shouldn't be limited to just their name. You can to hang the word Princess  or Sweet Dreams.

For older kids try letting them to paint the letters. It is great craft that could allow them to add their own personal touch for their room. Some of the hottest colors for teenage girls tend to be black and pink or green and pink. Try painting the actual unfinished wooden letters in one of the colors and accents it with polka dots using the contrasting color. Green letters with hot pink polka dots will be loved by many teenage girls.

Another idea for kids would be to secretly order letters all the same letter, their own first initial. Secretly hand the actual letters to friends and family and have all of them decorate the letters. Have everyone bring their letter back in your child's birthday. What a surprise to have a personalize letter using their closest family and friends.

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