Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Living Room Inspirations

It's easy and lots of fun to transform your living room into a stylish space you'll love to spend some time in. Small changes for example swapping the old shades for sheer curtains or adding new throw cushions work wonderfully if your complete overhaul is not in your mind. In case your living room is mostly done in neutrals and whites, it's easy to change the look of the space with color. Adding color in the living room can means small changes such as changing the slipcovers and throw pillows or a bold change like painting an accent wall. The neutral decor offers the perfect backdrop for these colorful accents. Option for unpredicted accents like boldly hued curtains or artwork for introducing color in to decor.

Living room inspiration can come from your current accessories and furniture. Artwork you currently have in your living room such as pictures, paintings, decorative dishes, etc. can be used to create a gallery with the best layout. You will find many layout themes and ideas online and decor store also offer gallery sets with picture frames and hanging hardware. The frames or the artwork does not have to match just as the variation in texture and color can make the gallery visually interesting. You can paint the gallery wall in a dark shade than all of those other living room to showcase your collection of wall art. Putting up the gallery can be easily achieved in a couple hour or over the weekend in order to paint the walls.

Accentuate the architectural elements in the living room design to make the most of your space. For those who have large windows in your living room, showcase them with sheer curtains. Layer the  sheers with shades or fabric panels for privacy. Sheer curtains allow the light to filter in and help to make your space brighter and welcoming. A bay window can be furnished with a bench for adding extra seating or for creating a reading nook having a view. Choose the comfy upholstered table and accessorize this with pillows and throws.

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