Creating Your Clouds Kids Bedroom Paint Ideas

Kids love to lie on their backs on the sunny summer day time and gaze up to the clouds. You can easily add a touch of fantasy to your own kids room with the addition of clouds to their own walls. It's a little more difficult to paint faux clouds on the ceiling, but you can get a great appear by doing a part of a ceiling without lots of extra work. Here's how you can paint clouds.

First prime the wall space, followed by using two coats of blue and then allowing the paint to dry for a least of twenty four hours before beginning to add your own clouds. Mix glaze and white paint inside a four to one ratio before beginning your clouds. While you work, it's good ideas to stir your mixture every once in awhile, because the glaze and paint will want to separate, so you need to keep them completely mixed.

Wet a piece of sponge or cloth and then wring it away thoroughly before dabbing this into your whitened pain or glaze mixture. Do not get too much on lightness and fluffiness in case your goal. Start at in the center of the wall and start dabbing on your own paint mixture although you do not want to start in the exact center, because you do not want uniformity. After that, with a damp piece of cheesecloth, gently review each rough cloud to soften its overall look. If you want to create a somewhat three dimensional look, leave a little more paint in the heart of each cloud.

While you work, remember not to get too precise when you are creating your clouds. Clouds are anything but uniform  when seen in the sky, so in order to create the the majority of realistic cloudscape, you have to apply your paint inside a somewhat random style. You're also creating a one of a kind piece of artwork in your kids wall, so do not get too caught up in precision. It's designed to look like free form clouds and never a wallpaper design.

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