How to Create Warm and Cozy Feel in a Large Living Room

Everybody loves large, spacious rooms, but without the right touch a room that is large can look stark and cold. It may lack personality and also have an overall blank look offering very little appeal or interest. This article offers tips and ideas to make even the largest of living room warm, cozy and inviting.

Nothing looks more stark or boring than blank wall! In a large living room, there's no have to stick to white when covering the walls. Think more when it comes to soft, warm colors like cream, taupe or even butter. These colors give the room a warm glow that means it is feel welcoming.

To enhance the walls a bit, use tapestries, murals, framed artwork or even any accents that you truly love which coordinate with all of those other decor. Consider your own decorating theme, and come up with unique ideas for that walls. For instance, a living room decorated in a western theme looks great whenever a large wooden wagon wheel hangs above the sofa!

Large living rooms look even more beautiful when you place large potted plants and greenery in specific areas, like a space that look bare. Use throw cushions decorated with bold patterns and textures on the sofa. Throws can be tossed casually over a corner of the rocking chair or even recliner.

When rooms are extremely spacious, it is best not to place furniture againt the walls you want intimate spaces designed for a purpose, for example socializing, reading, or playing video games. Use the ideas and tips mentioned previously, and make which bare looking living room one that offers appeal, warmth and originality. Family and friend a like will feel comfortable, relaxed and right at your own home.

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