How to Create Southern Style Living Room Decorating

Southern style is about peace and comfort having a hint of style. Decorating your living room in a southern style should evoke a feeling of history and hospitality. Historical influences can be seen in this design through artwork and architecture along with the furniture. A Southern style living room should provide you with the sense of always feeling at peace in your home. Most people think about wood in the Southern style room. Pine, oak or birch is always a staple. Heavy furniture brings a feeling of warmth to visitors. You won't find petite furniture in a Southern style living room. Microfiber and leather couches could be added as an easy touch to the room. If these furniture pieces are constructed along with wooden frames, it adds an even better touch.

Colors mean almost anything in a southern style living room. This style embraces natural shades of creams, browns, soft blues and deep greens. These colors are peaceful and welcoming in a room. Lighter colors open spaces. Natural sunlight adds a touch of luxury to the room. Large mirrors reflect natural light making the room more welcoming. Mirrors and artwork are easy ways to bring your southern style decorating life. The colors from the walls should end up being tan or off white.

Accessories will put your own Southern style living room together. A quilt warm colors used as a throw blanket over the couch or gingham drapes add depth. Store baskets of magazines by a end table. Decorate the actual large coffee desk with books and candles. Flowers will also be always welcoming. Put these inside a vase on a finish table. A large rug is essential to bringing the area together. Make sure there are very few patterns in the actual rug as which confuses the eye. The rug should to work together with all the colors in the room.

Nice Outdoor Southern Living Room Decorating How to Create Southern Style Living Room DecoratingLuxury Southern Living Room  with Decorative Accessories How to Create Southern Style Living Room DecoratingDecorative Mirrored for Southern Living Room Style How to Create Southern Style Living Room Decorating
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