Using The Right Carpet For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is not used as much as other rooms, so there's a tendency to approach carpet selection in terms of what you want without regard for durability or maintenance.

Who will be using bedroom? Is it the bedroom for the parents or the kids? Though color and designs are important, you want to select carpet that fits all of your needs and not just aesthetic requirements.

Tough Carpet for Tough Use by Kids
A child's bedroom is often more than a room for sleeping. Young children often play in their rooms and irrespective of the carpet. The ideal carpet will be high quality and durable. Cut pile is a great choice.

Carpet for a Teen Haven
Teens usually use the bedroom as a haven, office, place to sleep, gathering location for friends and television room.

Teen bedroom carpeting options include cut pile, textures with their multi-color appearance, and perhaps frieze which is a twisted cut pile carpet.

Anything Goes For the Parents' Bedroom
Usually the bedrooms used by adults get light wear and little traffic. You have an options of cut pile, Saxony, luxurious, cut and loop pile, or level loop pile carpet floors.

The carpet selections for adult bedrooms are often geared more much color and style than durability.

Midcentury Bedroom Carpet Using The Right Carpet For Your BedroomEclectic Kids Bedroom Carpet Using The Right Carpet For Your BedroomContemporary Teen Style Bedroom Carpet Using The Right Carpet For Your Bedroom

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