How to Bring Tuscan Inspired into Dining Room Decor

Tuscan decor is actually inspired by associations between people, nature, time and color. In the dining room, Tuscan decor brings to the essence of family living in a warm, vibrant setting. The fusion of its inspirations work to create tranquility, balance and a feeling of ancient comfort and ease. Here are several guidelines of how you can bring Tuscan decor into your dining room decor.

Start by selecting a color palette. Tuscan decor uses most of the colors found in nature for example gold, fig greens, sky blue, copper mineral and rich reds. Typically the most popular wall colors in Tuscan decor tend to be burnt Terracotta and gold. Other colors are often used to accent the accessories in the room.

The furniture in that is used in Tuscan dining room decor is primarily made from distressed wood which looks aged. These types of wooden, aged pieces in many cases are combined with rust colored metals to accomplish the Tuscan feel. Shape of Tuscan tables can vary, but size is usually consistent and leans in the direction of larger shapes so you always have lots of room for family and guests. Use ladder chairs to keep the old traditional look of Tuscan decor. After you have selected your walls color and furniture, hang a beautiful tapestry on among the walls. If you'd prefer to not use of a tapestry, try a nice nature painting rather.

You can bring texture and nature to the dining room table top too. Spread a beautiful tablecloths in the table and then add linen napkins. If you'd rather show the wooden tabletop, use a runner in your table instead and set ceramic plates painted with a floral motif instead of china. A bowl of fruit, vase filled with sunflowers and some candles are a few additional, essential items when accessorizing the Tuscan tabletop. Finish your Tuscan dining room decor by including some plants within clay vases round the room.

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