The Best Basement Bathroom Designs

There different reasons why one would want to have an additional bathroom in the home. One of those reasons will be a growing family to serve. With a growing family one bathroom cannot accommodate everyone when there is a need to make use of the bathroom at the same time especially during weekdays. This is very inconvenient when time to use the bathroom is limited.

A good thing would be to have another bathroom and the best place would be the actual basement. If the home includes a basement this is can be very good place to build a new toilet and bath for that growing need of the family. The area is ideal because of the availability of the space and you would just build two additional walls instead than having to perform a total renovation of the existing room in the home.

When you have a bathroom in the basement you'd want it to have as much amenities to offer as the main bathroom in the home. The basement can only offer a limited space and having the ability to maximize this space is important. With the basement bathroom this requires good lighting since the area is located below ground the area can be darker than all of those other home. If the space allows, having a window could be a very good idea.

Having bathroom vanities could be a good choice only when the space enables it. If not then a simple sink could be installed on the actual wall. Towel racks holds the towels rather than storing it in the cabinet. The wall is a great space to make use of for additional storage. A small medicine cabinet can store your toiletries when the area cannot have a vanity.

The place could be made beautiful by using tiles. There are various designs of tiles available which is used to help to make patterns and designs in your bathroom. Tiles can enhance the shower are in order to have a various pattern from all of those other bathroom. This can also be great in making the walls look more appealing than the boring and ordinary tiles usually used in bathroom.

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