More Attractive Patio With Eco-Friendly Manner

If you love nature and embrace a green way of life, chances are you love spending time outdoors. The outdoor patio space is quickly becoming the main "living room" for a lot of green families. Here are some easy tips to make your outdoor space a comfortable, Eco-friendly retreat.

Build using the right materials
Some better options will be recycled or salvaged materials, bricks, hempcrete (the hemp based cement alternative) or natural stone slabs. Poor drainage is the arch enemy of the healthy patio space.

Choose the right patio furniture and decor items
Look for furniture made by natural materials that can withstand the components - especially dampness. Teak, eucalyptus or recycled wine barrels are popular and attractive choices.

Other Eco-friendly furniture options include recycled wicker and plastic furniture. Accent the area with recycled fabric pillows and a good all-weather rug made from recycled plastic bottles - that are surprisingly beautiful and affordable.

Select energy efficient accents
If you wish to use your outdoor patio space year round within an Eco-friendly manner, it is necessary that you purchase an Eco-friendly outdoor patio heater or heating system.

Solaria heaters are specifically popular heaters that utilize leading edge LED technologies to supply highly efficient heat.

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