Atmosphere Design of French Country Bathroom

France country bathroom tend to be about beauty, light, and most importantly, relaxation. The atmosphere in a French country home, and by extension, in the France country bath, isn't dominated by useful concerns. While a lot of today's bathrooms function wall to walls tile, with shiny chrome fixtures along with a antiseptic appearance, the style of French traditions consists of more natural surfaces for example those seen throughout the rest other home.

Floor coverings are one of the first considerations in the bath. These might be wood, or natural stone, travertine, or even terracotta tile. One must consider that if a surface is likely to become weathered inside a bath or kitchen, it is not considered a disadvantage with this decorating genre. Definitely, care should be taken to avoid water damage to the structure of your home, and safety should to be a concern too, but when points become worn or even faded, they increase, not detract through, their usefulness in French country decoration.

Just as essential is color. The actual dominant color in French Country baths is white or even some variation or even shade of white. Soft fabrics, particularly muslin and sheets, are favored for his or her simple appeal. Colors are normally kept in the pastel range, allowing sun light to filter through the room easily. Some dark woods are occasionally used as accent or baseboards, or wood might be painted with the whitewash or milk paint effect.

Accents can be used throughout the bath to round out the appearance. Glass apothecary jars full of bath salts or oils, dried or even fresh vases of lavender, wrought iron accents, and vintage hand towel racks can just about all be used to create a bathroom that evokes comfort and may become a host to escape after an extended day. Mirrors have a two fold benefit, first the reflection itself, usually framed with painted or distressed wood is itself a traditional French country accent second, mirrors are useful in making the illusion of more space, more light, and reflecting the beauty of the room you've created.

Lighting is another important consideration. Chandeliers or candelabras dressed with crystals or simple bronze or iron wall sconces can be used. The most important thing is to avoid the use of fluorescent light or bright and harsh electric bulbs. Candles always have a place in French Country, perhaps nowhere more than in the bath, where it adds to the visual and sensual aspects of the room.

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